Custom Clothing

If you have a design or logo that you need to put on any type of garment, be it a t-shirt or Sweat shirt , we can do it. We do both large orders and small. So, if you need 12 shirts printed for your team, or 5000 printed for your company, we can accommodate. There are three principal methods of cresting garments that we employ - Screen Printing ,Embroidery and Heat transfer. 

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a very common method of cresting t-shirts, sweatshirts and other larger surfaces. We use only the finest quality plastisol inks, which will ensure vibrant colour and will not crack, chip or fade. Even after hundreds of washes, screen printed shirts will not lose their appeal. 


Using the latest embroidery machines, we can get the finest detail and the tightest stitch on to any garment. Whether it is golf shirts, fleece, sweatshirts or hats, we are equipped to provide you with the best finish for your product 

Digitizing for Embroidery

Every logo needs to be digitized before it can be embroidered. Digitizing is a process by which your logo is remade into a format that is legible to embroidery machines. We digitize logos at rates much lower than any of our competitors.

Heat Transfer

Inkjet Transfers are made using Inkjet and special paper. This is applied to the garments with specific heat press. This process can be implimented to any type of the garment( Light or Dark).